The #ChainSoaker Special
Get $10 off your next Private Soak when you book and pay for it in person, right before or after your current private soak.

We know you have a soaking problem and we’re ok with that. We understand how hard it can be living in a world of so many non-soaking places. We strive to provide a safe space for chronic soakers to be yourself, free of judgement. Soakers are not jokers and #ChainSoakers are some of our favorite people!

Details and Restrictions

  • Always soak responsibly.
  • Valid for Private Soaks only
  • Special is for $10 off total, regardless of number of people or number of sessions/pools
  • Special may change or end anytime without notice
  • Can not be combined with any other specials or discounts
  • Non refundable payment required at time of booking
  • Must be booked at time of current Private Soak (at registration or right after soak)

Comments (2)

Did you raise your rates? That’s very unfortunate. We really enjoyed going there.

Riverbend Hot Springs

Hi Robert and Celina. Yes we did. On 1/1/20, after 19 years, we finally raised our rates for our Private Soaks. The rate of $30 for two people has always included tax, so as taxes and costs have gone up, our rates have effectively gone down. Overhead had reached a point where we finally had to make a change. Luckily, we kept weekday rates the same and now weekends are $40. We can’t promise that we’ll wait another 19 years before the next rate change but can promise that our soaking prices will continue to be shockingly cheap and still lower that our closest competitors. We hope you’ll continue to enjoy coming.

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