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To make a long story short, our hot springs are nothing short of incredible. Hot mineral water is a free, safe, and powerful drug. Slightly addicting but in a good way. My words can't describe them as well as your first pleasure groan when you get in the tubs. For the record, I've been to dozens of other springs in T or C as well as many other places and none of them compare to the perfect mixture of mineral content and temperature of Riverbend's water.

  • So lets recap: FREE, open-air, riverside hot baths with a view of gorgeous turtleback mountain. Wow!
  • Now what's your excuse? Make the trip to Riverbend and melt in our famous hot springs
  • Shared tubs run from around 7-10 AM & 7-10 PM (free for guests)
  • Tubs open to public from 10-7 PM (6$/person, $12 minimum)
  • PRIVATE TUB : NOW OPEN! see below

NEW Riverside Geothermal Hot Mineral Bath
Private Tub with Deck:
(1 or 2 people)
(per additional person)
available during business hours

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Riverbend Hot Springs

100 Austin St.

TorC, NM 87901

(505) 894-6183



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