Welcome to our overnight guests!

Overnight Guest Guide

All guests must agree to our policies and sign our digital waiver before entering our property. Since check in is contactless, this starts the process and will assure you will have a check in packet (keys and map) waiting for you. Failure to sign this waiver ahead of arrival may delay your check in time. To sign the policies and waiver, please see your confirmation email for the special link that is tied to your reservation. If you did not receive a confirmation email, please text us at (575) 223-1549 and we’ll send you another one or verify your email address.


COVID closures: As of July 1st 2021, there are no longer closures or occupancy restrictions on businesses.

Cleanliness/PPE: Currently, there are no mask mandates in place in New Mexico. Hand washing sinks will be available to all guests in restrooms and outdoor kitchen and hand sanitizer will be available by the office. Sinks and hand soap is available in all hotel rooms. All commonly touched surfaces in common areas will be disinfected by staff on a regular basis. This includes all door handles, locks, light switches and handrails. All touched surfaces in hotel rooms are all being disinfected upon checkout. All bedding is replaced with each checkout.

Hot Springs Safety: Though there is no evidence that viruses can be transmitted via water, we must inform you that our natural hot springs water is not and will not be chlorinated. Guests should avoid putting their heads under the water or touching their faces while soaking, just in case. There is always some risk associated with leaving your home.


Please wear your VIP pool/property pass RFID wristbands during your entire stay to identify you as our overnight guests. These are your room and gate keys and they will also get you special VIP discounts at various restaurants and gift shops listed in sections below.

To use: HOLD (don’t swipe) the RFID chip on the wristband right against the black square on the lock for about a second. When the light turns green, you can operate the door handle. Watch this short video for instructions to put on and use the wristbands
NOTICE: As of April 2022 our newest wristbands have the chip right behind the man’s head on the wristband which differs from the old location, show in the video above.


Please contact the office for extra room amenities including coffee. Plus, let us know if you forgot any toiletries. We have several common items to help you out in a pinch.

Spa towels: The spa towels are provided in your room to be used for the hot springs. We are unable to swap out towels. Please hang them on the hooks outside your room and reuse them for the duration of your stay. RV guests are not provided with spa towels and should use their own.

Robes: Waffle Kimono Robes are provided in each hotel room (2 per bed). Please reuse your robes throughout your stay and do not leave them anywhere except in your room as they will be charged to your account ($30 each) if not in the room upon check out. Please remember where you hang your robe when you visit the pools so that you don’t get them mixed up or lose them. XXL robes are available to be exchanged for the one size fits most robes upon request. RV guests are not provided with robes but may use their own.


The current password is


We can’t guarantee speed, compatibility with all devices, or coverage to all parts of the property


We are not currently offering stayover (daily) housekeeping. Please text us if you need any additional amenities, such as coffee or toilet paper, and we’ll happily deliver them to your room.

Quiet Policies

Common Pools: There is not a whisper policy in effect in the common pools/area but guests are still asked to be respectful of each other. We ask that guests silence their devices and keep conversations to a respectful volume level.

Private Pools: Our whisper policy still stands for Private Pools and we will be enforcing it very heavily. Those that do not whisper will be given one courtesy warning and then asked to leave immediately and banned from future visits on the second occurrence.

Silent Hour: From 10 PM until 8 AM the entire property is in Silent Hour and guests must not make any noise outside of their rooms and keep in room noise to an absolute minimum. Guests who disturb other guests after 10 PM may be asked to leave the premises immediately and will not be welcomed back. Please see the Food, Drink and Shopping section below if you are looking to socialize in any capacity that doesn’t fit our environment.


Dogs are welcome with our nightly fee but must be leashed and picked up after. Dogs allowed in designated areas only. See staff for locations. Please don’t leave them alone in the rooms or your vehicles unless crate trained and crated. Please don’t let them on our beds or furniture to avoid any additional cleaning or damage charges. If you choose to bring your dog to the Common Pool area, they must be leashed with our provided short leashes at the Canine Cabanas and must be quiet while there. Pet owners who can’t or won’t follow these simple policies will be asked to leave without a refund.


Riverbend is proudly a smoke and vaping free property including the RV park. If you must smoke or vape we have provided a designated area with table and chairs in the main parking lot. Smoking in one of our hotel rooms will result in a minimum $250 restoration fee charge to your account.

Check In

Pre-arrival: All guests must sign our digital waiver. See the “Before you arrive” section above, before arriving and to start the contact-less check in process

Hours: Our check in hours are between 3 PM and 6 PM. Our office is open until 10 PM and we would just like to know ahead of time if you’ll be arriving after 6 PM so we don’t worry about you. Check ins after 10 PM should be arranged with with the Front Desk via phone ahead of time.

Procedures: If you’ve signed our policies/waiver, your welcome packet will be available at the office window. it contains your RFID wristbands/keys and our property map with your room or RV number. That’s it! Nothing to sign and no one to talk to unless you have any questions not answered here.

Check Out

Room/RV and Property check out is at 11 AM. There is no need to come to the office to check out. Your wristband may be torn off and discarded. Receipts will be emailed 3 days after check out. We would appreciate a text if you depart before 11 AM so we can get a head start on cleaning.

Early/Late Check In/Out

We have a special that allows you to arrive early or stay late so you can enjoy the property and hot springs a bit more. It does not include the Room or RV site. It is called the Extended Property Pass and you can read about it here. Due to high room/RV turnover, we can’t offer an early check in or late checkout for the room or RV sites. Please don’t expect your room to be ready before 3 PM.

The Office is open from 8 AM to 10 PM every day (until 11 PM during Daylight Savings).

CALL: (575) 894-7625 dial 1111# to skip the auto attendant. 8 AM to 10 PM

TEXT: (575) 223-1549 from 8 AM to 10 PM. Please be patient as we may be helping other customers.

SOS: (505) 717-4537 Call for after hours emergencies only and leave a voicemail as this phone won’t be picked up right away. If you get locked out of your room without your phone, there is an emergency phone outside the office.

Included Access and Hours

All overnight guests get access to our Common Hot Springs Pools from check in to 10 AM of your check out day during our pool hours (7 AM-11 PM) except on deep cleaning day.

Pools are closed for cleaning from 10 AM to 4 PM on deep cleaning day (almost always on Thursdays but subject to change). For guests who are staying Wednesday and Thursday nights, we keep a couple of pools open during cleaning for you to use during this time, but keep in mind, there will be noise, the sauna and patio will be closed some of the time, and we will have to move you from pool to pool to be able to clean all the pools.

Private Pools

To Book: 50 Minute Private soaks are an additional fee but can be booked via phone or via our website (sorry, no bookings via text due to credit card security). Please see the hot springs page to find our current rates or to book online. We highly recommend that you book your sessions far in advance, especially on weekends which will book up completely many days in advance.

To Check In for your Private Soak: Please be at our Gazebo Waiting Area just north of the public restrooms 5-10 minutes before your scheduled soak time. We will call you via intercom, give you your pool number and a quick last minute reminder of our most important policies and buzz you into the private pool gate where you can proceed to your pool.


Shower: All guests must shower before entering our all natural hot springs. Bodies must be free of soaps, oils, deodorants and lotions (including sun block and sun tan lotion). Swim attire is required at Common Pools (Private Pools are clothing optional). No street wear or underwear.

Quiet: Please silence your devices and keep conversations at a respectful volume. No music without headphones at a low enough volume that it is inaudible to fellow guests. Do not make or take phone calls in the Pools or Pool areas. Private pools are strictly Whisper Zones

No Food, Alcohol, Smoking/Vaping, or Glass/Breakables allowed in or near pools

Health and Safety:

Overexposure to hot water may cause nausea, dizziness, and fainting. We recommend no more than 15 minutes in at a time, and then getting out for at least 5 minutes to cool off.

Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

Extended exposure to hot water may be detrimental to the health of
elderly persons, persons with health problems, such as heart conditions, diabetes, or low/high blood pressure, small children, or pregnant women. Consult with a physician before using springs.

Do not use the springs while under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, or other drugs that cause sleepiness, drowsiness, or raise/lower blood pressure.

You may not soak unless you can enter the pools without the assistance of others.

Soak in intervals no longer than 15 minutes, then get out to cool off for at least 5 minutes.

No Lifeguard on duty

Watch your step, surfaces are slippery when wet.

You are advised to stay out of the river. Entry into the river may be locked depending on current, river levels and cleanliness but for all other times when we allow it, it is always at your own risk. You are required to shower before re-entering the Common Pools if you got in the river. No river access is allowed from the Private Pools

Children (ages 12 and up allowed only) must be supervised by parents at all times.

We are not responsible for accidents.

For emergencies, use the phone outside the office to call 911.


Come by the office to purchase a drink or granola bar. Currently we are not accepting cash and there is a $3 transaction minimum.

Room Service/Delivery

La Baracca: Is now accepting online orders through Square for pickup or they will deliver right to you. Make sure you put 100 Austin St as the address and add your room number or name to the delivery address so Michael can find you.  Here is the link to order: https://la-baracca.square.site You can see his current specials and pictures on his Facebook Page.

Enjoy T or C

See the map below for points of interest, plus recommended restaurants and gift shops. Many businesses offer a discount to you as a VIP Riverbend Guest and the discount is listed in the description of the business (you must be wearing your wristbands). Open the sidebar to see the categories and list of places. Click their name for details and links to their websites for current hours or menu.

There really is no substitute for our county’s amazing tourism website. It’s the perfect place to find all the information you need including restaurant hours, menus and locations, as well as a multitude of other natural and business attractions in our area.

Sierra County Tourism

Here are a few links to get you started:


  • RV site guests get the same soaking privileges and discounts as hotel room guests.
  • All RV Sites include full hookups: 20, 30, and 50 Amp electricity as well as water and sewer
  • High speed wireless Internet available. See section above for current password
  • Some amenities that are provided in hotel rooms are not available to RV guests. These include robes (ask about rentals), spa or bath towels, coffee, soaps/shampoo/etc, and Direct TV.
  • There are coax cable connections at each site but they are not hooked up to anything as they are for long term guests if they choose to obtain dish/cable service.
  • Propane is available at Cortez Gas Co but you must go to them to fill your tanks.


We understand that your RV may be your full-time home and your fur-babies deserve to be in their home. We can waive our pet policy and fees for RV guests if:

  1. Your pet(s) stays in your RV. Of course offsite walks are in order but you don’t bring your pet across the street to the main property/springs or leave your pet outside your rig unattended.
  2. Your pet(s) do not disturb any other guests. This includes excessive barking, whether you are in your RV or not.
  3. You pick up any droppings from your pet(s)

Any violations of the conditions above will either result in the per pet/per night fee or you may be asked to leave if the violations are severe.


Our public restrooms are primarily for our non overnight hot springs soakers and they are closed from 10 PM until 8 AM which is why we only allow fully self contained RVs with your own facilities.


Please dispose of your trash in the dumpsters in the alley directly North of the RV sites. We have plastic and aluminum recycling in the courtyard near the springs. There is no glass recycling in T or C.


We understand that we have guests from all over the country and you may not understand desert living. Though water might seem abundant at our hot springs oasis on the river, it is actually very scarce. Please do not wash your RV in our spaces or allow your hose connections to leak.

Other Policies

Our RV sites are very small and for the peace and enjoyment of all, we ask that you please observe the following policies

  • No smoking. Our designated smoking area is right across the street in the main parking lot. Please do not smoke anywhere in the RV park, even in your own rig, unless all windows are closed.
  • No loud music. If your music can be heard from outside your rig, then it is too loud. The same Silent Hour policies apply at the RV park (10 PM to 8 AM) so please visit a local bar if you’d like to socialize after 10 PM. No generators allowed.
  • No fires. Propane or charcoal grills are ok but no open wood burning fires are allowed in T or C city limits. BBQ smokers are also not allowed.
  • Please no bright outside lights that may disturb neighboring guests.
  • Please leave your site as you found it. Free of trash, pet droppings or sewage/fuel spills.

Window Shades

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TV Remote Operation
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Remote and DTV Remote




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See the calendar below to check if there are any special events or notices during your stay.

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