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tripadvisor logoRiverbend Hot SpringsRiverbend Hot Springs
4.5 tripadvisor stars
4.5 Stars - Based on 2671 User Reviews

5 star rating Election Decompression Decided to get away for a couple of days and take a break from all the election hullabaloo. Riverbend Resort... read more - Laurecia D - 11/06/2020 

5 star rating The True Gem of Truth or Consequences! Wow! When planning our trip many months ago T or C wasn’t even a stopping point. I stumbled upon the... read more - kribbean - 10/28/2020 

4 star rating GREAT HOT SPRINGS AND VENUE, AVERAGE ACCOMMODATIONS Riverbend's hot springs on the Rio Grande River in the heart of New Mexico is a terrific place to zone... read more - baird t - 10/28/2020 

5 star rating Best little place ever!! This is the cleanest hotel I have ever stayed in!! Impeccable isn’t strong enough. This was our first overnight, but... read more - BoardingPass149807 - 10/28/2020 

5 star rating Oasis in the desert The town itself isn’t impressive and quite a few restaurants in town are closed or have cut hours due to... read more - deborahbN5097VW - 10/26/2020 

5 star rating Birthday gift This was a a birthday present from my wife and ended up taking My kids And it... read more - Dromero3537 - 10/19/2020 

google logoRiverbend Hot SpringsRiverbend Hot Springs
4.6 Stars - Based on 1804 User Reviews

This is one of our favorite places to stay in NM. T or C doesn’t have a ton going on,... read more - Steph Johnson - 5/27/2020 

We were there at the end of the phase 2 stay at home orders. Staff were excellent in keeping everything... read more - bert stolpestad - 5/22/2020 

This is the best vacation I've been on. It's close to home and such a nice experience. I can't wait... read more - DELILAH FLORES - 5/03/2020 

We came to Riverbend the first time about two years ago. I am from Kentucky and was out visiting family... read more - Andrea Morris - 4/01/2020 

We had a 8am reservation. Check in went smoothly. Beautiful Setting. My wife and I Hot Tub at home so... read more - Mike Hassett - 3/16/2020 

The key to a place like Riverbend is good management and maintenance, and they do both very well. It is... read more - John Larrabee - 3/11/2020 

facebook logoRiverbend Hot SpringsRiverbend Hot Springs
4.9 Stars - Based on 570 User Reviews

Great place to relax and detoxify. Very enjoyable. - Doris Allen - 11/01/2020 

everything about Riverbend is awesome la Casita if u staying the night - Patricia Medina - 10/27/2020 

Love Hot Springs, beautiful place to relax !! Greatly recommended!!!❤️👊👍 - Angie Gutierrez - 10/27/2020 

The weather was windy. We were very comfortable and it didn't bother us at all! We will be back again! - Heather Lawrence-Bartels - 10/26/2020 

We had a great experience at this hot spring. My fiancé and I went for his b day and when... read more - Ashley Noriga - 10/24/2020 

Beautiful setting on the river with multiple soaking pools of varying temps. Peaceful veranda for lounging between soaks. Watching... read more - Patti Harrington - 10/18/2020 

yelp logoRiverbend Hot SpringsRiverbend Hot Springs
4.5 yelp stars
4.5 Stars - Based on 182 User Reviews

5 star rating Even during Covid, this place is amazing. Pools are social distanced/limited #s. We did private soak, in addition... read more - Mia M. - 10/29/2020 

5 star rating Did not expect this to be located here when driving into town. Truly a world class oasis in the desert.... read more - Paco P. - 10/26/2020 

5 star rating If you need a getaway from the city and want something a little more quiet and relaxing, this is the... read more - Michael A. - 8/12/2020 

5 star rating This was definitely the highlight of our getaway to T or C. It was gorgeous, peaceful and clean. The shower... read more - Rhianna D. - 8/05/2020 

5 star rating Absolutely loved this place. I have been to several hotsprings in New mexico and by far this is my favorite.... read more - Denise K. - 7/12/2020 

5 star rating We love it here. We come as a family. Have to be over 12. We did the private. This time... read more - Beth S. - 7/03/2020 

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submitted logoRiverbend Hot SpringsRiverbend Hot Springs
5 Stars - Based on User Reviews
Cynnthia Wray AvatarCynnthia Wray

Mrs My best friend and I went for a short girls day away from our husbands and children. It was tranquil... read more - 1/17/2020 

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