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tripadvisor logoRiverbend Hot SpringsRiverbend Hot Springs
4.5 tripadvisor stars
4.5 Stars - Based on 2671 User Reviews
5 star rating Tranquility at its best! The Riverbend Hot Springs was a perfect stop to relax and take in the scenery overlooking the Rio Grande waterway while soaking in the hot tub. It is very well maintained and great instructions. We reserved a private soak room and enjoyed the tranquility and sweeping views that allowed us to regenerate. It is well worth the 50 minutes to pamper yourself and enjoy the peacefulness - Carol G - 5/17/2024 
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5 star rating A great stopover between Albuquerque and tucson Quirky little town with fabulous hot springs We enjoyed a suite in the new addition to this small and cozy little retreat. Room was spacious. Hot springs baths were clean with glorious views of the rio grande river set in a charming garden area. - adobe2014 - 5/11/2024 
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3 star rating No More Peace And Quiet Apparently Riverbend has changed their policies to not just allow but promote "socializing" which means, no more QUIET. "Whispering" is no longer encouraged, talking is. We were hugely disappointed at this, as Riverbend was before a quiet, serene, healing place to rejuvenate. No more. Groups are free to chatter away, leaving those who came for peace, not welcome. We were told the private facilities are 'whisper' areas which is impossible as they are right next to the CHATTERING in the public areas. Very sad to see them go in this direction; a poor business decision we think and which means we will never go back. Potential visitors, read their policy before going and don't expect a calm, peaceful experience. - Ilene S - 5/10/2024 
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5 star rating WIsh we could have stayed longer! We only stopped by Riverbend for an hour’s soak to break up the long drive from Santa Fe to Phoenix, and it was the perfect relaxing break. We love sitting in the hot water watching the Rio Grande flow past us! The wind blowing the grasses by the river added to the joy of the experience. The staff could not have been more friendly! - Mim Chapman - 4/01/2024 
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5 star rating Best Hot Springs I've been to many hot springs across the nation and this is my favorite. The infinity private tubs overlooking the Rio Grande River are the pinnacle of beauty and relaxation. I made a trip to T or C specifically for these hot springs and I will be back to do it again. - Devon F - 4/01/2024 
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5 star rating Utterly delightful oasis! We werent sure what to expect but were very pleasantly surprised. We arrived quite late due to some delays and were worried we had missed our soak slot. The young lady at Reception, I think her name was Keelay, was so nice. We were too late for any dinner as all the places in town had closed for the night but she had some pizza leftover from her dinner and gave it to us. It was such a sweet thing thing to do, we were really hungry. But that's the sort of genuine, kindhearted service you find here. The setting along the Rio Grande is serene and very special. The hotsprings are beautifully landscaped, immaculately clean and a joy to experience. Even though we had the smallest rooms in the Artists section it was very cosy and comfy, everything you could wish for. This is a wonderful place, well worth a detour, and very good value.
We had a gorgeous soak under the stars watching the twinkling lights of the fireflies as they sped by, Truly one of the best nights of our trip. - halliecreative - 4/01/2024 
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google logoRiverbend Hot SpringsRiverbend Hot Springs
4.6 Stars - Based on 1804 User Reviews
I was impressed with the exceptional cleanliness of the public pool areas, including the restrooms, pools, and the resting areas. We enjoyed a peaceful and relaxing hour-long soak without any disturbances. - Edith Valenzuela - 5/20/2024 
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Great getaway options. Spa feel & very clean. Awesome location, walking distance to town & beautiful views. Would definitely recommend & come back !! - Sara Jackson - 5/16/2024 
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Great experience and great prices! - Jen Padilla - 5/15/2024 
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It was AWESOME AS USUAL!! Love it so much, so refreshing, relaxing,quiet and peaceful, I can’t say enough about the location it’s right on the Rio Grande River you see people floating by in canoes or floating devices, it’s beautiful also, the atmosphere and has such a unique feel about it, very relaxing and beautiful… I LOVE IT!!! - Angela Ortega - 5/15/2024 
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Estuvimos muy tranquilas pero los services no muy Buenos nunca fueron a preguntar si necesitabamos algun servicio y la cafetera no fue muy de mi agrado - Lucy Smoots - 5/11/2024 
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Friendly, accommodating, staff. Gorgeous views of the river (Rio Grande). Ambiance…made to perfection.Extra points for being dog friendly.Six RV sites too!Stop in the town of Truth or Consequences and when you do don’t leave without this wonderful relaxing experience. - Melody Bragg - 5/09/2024 
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facebook logoRiverbend Hot SpringsRiverbend Hot Springs
4.9 Stars - Based on 434 User Reviews
My happy place and it could be yours too!!! You’ll never be disappointed. - Melissa Portillo - 8/20/2022 
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Quiet relaxing and very well managed. Beautiful spot. - Joel P. Schroeder - 8/07/2022 
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a lovely getaway and unwind - Mcarthur Myra - 8/03/2022 
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It's fantastic!! I will definitely be back. - Mackenzie Hopkins - 8/01/2022 
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The private soak baths are amazing. It was good and the rain made it better. - Alberto Renteria - 7/31/2022 
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Me encanta ir a Riverbend Host Springs! El mejor plan para mis días de descanso 🥰😍 - Beatriz Camp - 7/26/2022 
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yelp logoRiverbend Hot SpringsRiverbend Hot Springs
4.5 yelp stars
4.5 Stars - Based on 182 User Reviews
5 star rating This place is amazing! I recently took a friend for their first time for a private riverfront soak. She was blown away! They have everything set up for your soaking pleasure while easily following the rules. A rented robe & towel. Bottled water. The most spectacular views! Aaaahhhhh! - Georgia C. - 8/10/2022 
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5 star rating I cannot tell you how cool this place was. They really have something special here. The ambiance is perfect and makes you feel so peaceful. The common "pools" are enough for 5 people comfortably. The bigger pool is big enough for twice that many. There's plenty of comfortable seating. They have lounge chairs tables and chairs, hammocks, hanging egg chairs, papasans and couches. There's even some lounge seats for your pets. There's a nice sauna too. The views during the day are lovely with the mountain backdrop but at night its just magical. This place is sitiatef on the bank of the Rio Grande. The water on this day was almost clear and we could see a bunch of bass. There's ambient music in the background and for the most part people were respectful and kept the noise to a minimum.
We also reserved a 50 min private soak in the Tierra pool and it was great having that time in private. It overlooks the river and has curtains for privacy. Let me tell you that I was grateful for the misters and overhead shower. The water was at least 105° and you could def feel it. Side. Ite: take a hat and be orepared, the eater is def hot. You might stand it for 20 mins before you get out to cool off.
No food or drinks allowed in the pool areas. But I did see people with beer cans and canteens of water. The fauna all throughout the property and beautiful. We will def be back again. It's a real special place. - jessie a. - 7/04/2022 
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5 star rating It's been so long since I've felt positive energy and peace that can come from a quiet place along a beautiful river looking out over stunning scenery, and all of that comes with multiple hot tubs and a carefully designed environment to enjoy them at your pleasure. I would highly recommend regardless of how busy your schedule might be or maybe because of how scheduled you are you should go here for at least an hour - Bob S. - 6/09/2022 
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5 star rating A sublime confluence of the wonders of nature and ingenuity of man. The Riverbend facilities are designed with fastidious attention to detail.

Pay close attention and you will recognize the intentionality behind every design element: the soothing music, the beautiful art, the flowing spatial arrangement of soaking pools and lounge chairs, the breathtaking evening light show. When combined with the solemnity of the Rio Grande and the dignified grandeur of the mountains of southwest New Mexico, these elements form a place of mental repose and contemplation unlike any other.

Stay the night; experience the waters; feel the current of the ancient river; reset and relax. - M R. - 4/06/2022 
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5 star rating It was a wonderful experience, the ambience, facility and staff were top of the line. I will definitely recommend and will return. - Teresa F. - 3/02/2022 
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5 star rating There is a million great things I can say about this place. From the atmosphere to the seclusion, this place was magical. I came solo and had a great experience.

The place is fairly easily to find to be in the middle of no where in my opinion, but it was the getaway I needed. It is located two hours from both the El Paso airport and Albuquerque airport (I flew into Albuquerque).

They have a contactless check in with your last name on an envelope outside of the office; however, there is someone in the office for any questions that you may have. I stayed in a budget friendly room and it was a decent size and clean. The only sad thing was I wish there was a fridge or microwave.

When you stay the night, you are able to soak in the common pools free of charge. Common pools are a first come first served basis with one party per pool. They also have private soaks that you can reserve for 50 minutes. Private soaks are clothing optional. They have robes that you can buy also. The views of this place is spectacular. So many people have asked me how did I find this place. I googled the best hot springs in the west and when I saw pictures of this place, I knew I just had to go. Check my Instagram highlights for my full experience in Albuquerque and Truth or Consequences, NM @jennifers.journal - Jennifer P. - 12/26/2020 
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submitted logoRiverbend Hot SpringsRiverbend Hot Springs
4.0 Stars - Based on User Reviews
Jim Augeri AvatarJim Augeri
Best of New Mexico @ Riverbend... The wife and I have been here many times and have loved each and every visit. We generally book our next stay when checking out from our current visit. A handful of changes over the years have not diminished the Riverbend Experience in any way. Peaceful and relaxing grounds with flowing fountains, potted plants everywhere, and the riverside ambience just pull everything together perfectly. The common outdoor kitchen area is a big draw as well (though the COVID-19 situation has closed it down temporarily) and morning coffee, and cold water available all day long are great too. The staff have always been most attentive to our needs and always courteous almost to a fault. The only downside? As Riverbend becomes more well known and popular, it is getting more difficult to make reservations without them being a ways out. Our current (June, '21) next scheduled visit is for September; so 3-plus months out! There are also plenty of neat local activities available in and around the quaint town of Truth or Consequences. Walks along the river are a nice activity. Or visit the local Geronimo Springs Museum for some interesting area history. Or take a drive out to the nearby SpacePort America; the first purpose-built spaceport in the USA (there entry fees are a bit steep though). By the way, weather here is pretty reasonable all year around, so there really is no bad time to visit. (It does get pretty warm in the peak summer months though.) - 6/11/2021 
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Cynnthia Wray AvatarCynnthia Wray
Mrs My best friend and I went for a short girls day away from our husbands and children. It was tranquil and refreshing. It was my first trip there. My girl friend had been telling me about it- I was not disappointed. I'm already planning to return with my husband for our anniversary. - 1/17/2020 
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