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tripadvisor logoRiverbend Hot SpringsRiverbend Hot Springs
4.5 tripadvisor stars
4.5 Stars - Based on 2671 User Reviews

3 star rating Good value The staff was great and the facility was nice. My family and I booked an hour in the common areas.... read more - T1218CElisaw - 9/29/2021 

5 star rating Simply an amazing, and relaxing experience Riverbend is an amazing piece of paradise. Both the public and private pools are amazing. The staff are very friendly.... read more - Kimberly H - 9/27/2021 

5 star rating 100% worth the trip to this hidden gem! Riverbend was a highlight of our trip to New Mexico. We did a private session in Zuni room with an... read more - L9103BElaurenr - 9/05/2021 

4 star rating FIRST AND NOT LAST VISIT I was treated well by this local spa and will go back in the future. Rio was the room I... read more - S2728CLkevinr - 8/24/2021 

5 star rating Lucious experience 112° of heaven in the Rio pool. They have a mister and a pull down cool shower in the tub,... read more - E8643BXvanessab - 8/17/2021 

5 star rating The, hands down, best place to experience the hot springs in NM Peace and quiet.... soothing.... a step away from the stress, fear, pressure and just hardness of life. The pools... read more - 744pamw - 8/14/2021 

google logoRiverbend Hot SpringsRiverbend Hot Springs
4.6 Stars - Based on 1804 User Reviews

Relaxing and romantic. My husband and I went for an early anniversary celebration. The private soaks are wonderful with... read more - Cynnthia Wray - 2/05/2021 

Elegant. - Robin Dean - 2/05/2021 

An easy 1 1/2 hour drive from Las Cruces. We enjoyed a wonderful soak in a private spa area overlooking... read more - Cynthia de Lorenzi - 2/05/2021 

This place was amazing!! My girlfriend Christine and I had an amazing time. The water was hot, romantic and all... read more - Nick Narquez - 2/03/2021 

Excited 😁 - Thomas Daniels - 1/30/2021 

Bliss. - brAnt - 1/30/2021 

facebook logoRiverbend Hot SpringsRiverbend Hot Springs
4.9 Stars - Based on 627 User Reviews

I found Riverbend very clean accommodating,pleasant decor ,relaxing music and a peacefulness. - Mary Ann Phillips - 10/05/2021 

great experience, romantic atmosphere, very relaxing, warm water from natural spring with a steam mist, beautiful view from the mountain... read more - Joyce Mañosca-Centeno - 10/05/2021 

Warm water, scenery, serene music, and relaxation - Nena Becerra-Gomez - 10/03/2021 

This has got to be the most magical and majestic place I have ever been! I love Riverbend Hot Springs.... read more - Sarah Tallulah - 10/02/2021 

We had a great experience Highly recommended - Marvin Saiz - 9/25/2021 

Beauty meets Zen meets tranquil luxury♥️ - Trish Jankowski - 9/18/2021 

yelp logoRiverbend Hot SpringsRiverbend Hot Springs
4.5 yelp stars
4.5 Stars - Based on 182 User Reviews

5 star rating There is a million great things I can say about this place. From the atmosphere to the seclusion, this place... read more - Jennifer P. - 12/26/2020 

5 star rating I've heard about this place by researching hot spring places in New Mexico, and this was amazing! We stayed in... read more - Vanessa T. - 12/14/2020 

5 star rating The challenge.

Find a hotel with hot springs in New Mexico.

Almost hesitant to review this gem because the availability...
read more - Helene S. - 12/13/2020 

5 star rating Even during Covid, this place is amazing. Pools are social distanced/limited #s. We did private soak, in addition... read more - Mia M. - 10/29/2020 

5 star rating Did not expect this to be located here when driving into town. Truly a world class oasis in the desert.... read more - Paco P. - 10/26/2020 

5 star rating If you need a getaway from the city and want something a little more quiet and relaxing, this is the... read more - Michael A. - 8/12/2020 

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submitted logoRiverbend Hot SpringsRiverbend Hot Springs
4 Stars - Based on User Reviews
Jim Augeri AvatarJim Augeri

Best of New Mexico @ Riverbend... The wife and I have been here many times and have loved each and every visit. We generally book our... read more - 6/11/2021 

Cynnthia Wray AvatarCynnthia Wray

Mrs My best friend and I went for a short girls day away from our husbands and children. It was tranquil... read more - 1/17/2020 

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