Riverbend @ Home: Mineral Therapy Products
Our amazingly rich mineral Water, in your home or to-go!

Do you love our odor free, yet mineral rich hot springs water but wish you could soak in it whenever you want? Now you can do just that!

Medicine Springs has taken a mineral analysis of our water and replicated it by isolating the individual mineral compounds of our famous hot springs. Each product has the same minerals and ratios as our hot springs, except 2 to 20 times more concentrated and with a higher Magnesium content (because Magnesium is awesome!). Whether it is your bath tub, hot tub or on the go, we’ve got your Riverbend fix right here!


Mineral bath soak
  • 2x the concentration of our natural hot springs
  • Each Bag contains two soaks (Treats 50 gallons of water each)
  • Available at our on site gift shop

20.8 OZ

Mineral Spray
  • 20x the concentration of our natural hot springs
  • Spray directly on the skin (at least twice daily recommended)
  • Available at our on site gift shop

8 Fl OZ

Hot Tub Soak
  • 2x the concentration of our natural hot springs
  • Each bag treats 400 gallons and lasts 3 months
  • Available at our on site gift shop


63.5 OZ


How do I order?

All of our gifts are currently available at our onsite gift shop.

How is Riverbend @ Home different from Epsom salts?

While Epsom salt is found naturally in hot springs, very little, if any, magnesium in commercialized Epsom salt soaking solutions is absorbable through the skin. Medicine Springs’ products combine magnesium sulfate and magnesium chloride, the transdermal magnesium, along with other natural minerals, which results in a formula that replicates the healing properties of Riverbend’s hot springs.

What is the difference between the Bath Soak and the Hot Tub Soak?

The bathtub package contains two 50-gallon bath soaks, or if combined, will treat 100 gallons of water. The hot tub package contains 400 gallons worth of minerals to treat an entire hot tub.

Why are there multiple bags in the package? Do I add them all?

When you use Riverbend @ Home soaks, you’re creating a mineral cocktail of Mother Nature’s elixir at home (and without the travel expenses). This process requires a particular combination of individually packaged minerals. Simply open each of the enclosed packets, mix them all in your bathtub or hot tub, and allow the minerals to dissolve completely before dipping into your very own hot springs.

Are these safe for my plumbing and septic system?

Yes, they are safe for plumbing and septic systems.

Is the Hot Tub Soak safe for my hot tub and how long will it last?

Yes, our Hot Tub Soaks are safe for your hot tub. Turn on the hot tub jets and pour all the packets into the middle of the hot tub. The minerals will dissolve almost immediately, and you can enjoy your soak right away. Minerals do not evaporate. Instead, you will lose minerals in the water as they absorb through the skin. With regular use (i.e., a couple of people soaking 3 to 4 times per week), your Riverbend @ Home Hot Tub Soak will last about three months.

What will the Hot Tub Soak do to the chemistry of my hot tub?

Expect an increase in your PH for the first week or so. If your hot tub is perfectly balanced at 7, it will change to approximately 7.6–7.8. Changing PH is a typical result of the mineral reaction. Do not try to treat it away or lower the PH. Let the minerals do their thing. Soak and enjoy, then after about a week, the water will begin to return to your typical PH, and you can treat it as needed.

How do I use the Mineral Spray?

If your schedule is anything like ours, you know that a daily bath or hot tub soak isn’t always feasible. Our concentrated Mineral Spray offers an alternative option for those busy days. Simply spray liberally and rub the product into your skin to benefit from the hot spring minerals. We recommend multiple daily applications, particularly when your skin is warm (i.e., after a shower, before bed, after a workout, or after a sauna). Our spray provides relief for restless legs and night cramps, so we also recommend keeping a bottle beside the bed. These products are scent and dye-free and will not stain your clothing or bedding. If you have open cuts or wounds, the spray may cause a mild stinging sensation.


Mineral Benefits of Medicine Springs Mineral Therapy

The minerals found in these sacred healing hot springs are thought to have numerous benefits.

  • Chloride: This element helps maintain electrolyte balance and PH of body fluids and is essential for the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, which aids in protein digestion.
  • Sodium: Natural salts are said to assist with the alleviation of arthritic symptoms, stimulate the body’s lymphatic system and help to maintain body fluid balance.
  • Bicarbonates: Thought to assist in improving circulation, which aids against cardiovascular disease including hypertension. Bicarbonate waters are also thought to have a positive effect on nervous system imbalances.
  • Calcium: can help to strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis. It is essential in regulating many internal organs such as the heart.
  • Potassium: This element is associated with the normalization of heart rhythms, assisting in reducing high blood pressure and aids in eliminating body toxins. It is also used in converting blood sugar to energy and promotes healthy skin.
  • Magnesium: Aids in converting blood sugar to energy, speeding up muscle recovery, reducing inflammation, and promoting healthy skin.
  • Lithium: Believed to have a calming effect and aid in the formation of new brain cells and protect against neurodegenerative diseases.

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