How To Soak

Soaking Best Practices

Soaking can be a relaxing, detoxifying, therapeutic experience if you do it right. Here’s our short list of dos and don’ts for the optimal soaking experience.


Stay hydrated: You’re in water so you should be fine right? Not so fast. The high temperatures and high mineral (salts) content or our hot springs opens your pores and makes you sweat. Sweating underwater may not be noticed but you could become dehydrated quickly. Bring a non-breakable container and fill up at one of our chilled water fountains or purchase a beverage at our front desk. 

Shower before: Clean bodies and pores mean better detoxification and mineral transmission. It also means our pools will stay crystal clear and free of lotions, oils and chemicals. Most find that it is beneficial to not shower after soaking so that the minerals remain on the skin. You’ll be surprised how soft your skin will feel.

Sit quietly: Did you come to relax and heal or take the perfect selfie to show off how awesome your life is? Ok, maybe you want both, but please take time to quiet your mind by minimizing talking and activity. Listen to and be cognizant of your breathing. Don’t annoy people around you who came for much needed quiet time and reflection.



Over do it: Soaking is not an endurance contest. We recommend getting out of the water for 5 minutes every 15 minutes or so. This largely depends on the temperature of the pool you’re in. You might need to get out more often in a hotter pool and less in a mild pool. Listen to your body. If you hear your own heartbeat in your head, feel dizzy, or light headed, you’ve already been in too long! Stand up slowly and exit the water until you feel better. We recommend using our cold showers to quickly stop the heating process in the Summer and to shut your pores so that you don’t lose too much heat while sitting out in the Winter.

Drink alcohol: Hot springs and alcohol could be a dangerous combination. They seem to intensify each other and at any large quantities could be hazardous. We know that perhaps you had a drink at dinner and if you stay hydrated, you’ll probably be fine. But any substantial amount of drinking and hot springs do not mix well. We want you to leave here vertically and we want you to come back so please pay attention to this.

Forget to pet Minnow if you are lucky enough to see her while here. Happy Soaking!!!

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Have you all had damage from the recent flooding in T or C? I pray NOT, your facility is wonderful, relaxing and breathtaking!

Riverbend Hot Springs

Thank you, Patricia! No, very luckily, we sustained no damage but our thoughts and hearts go out to the families and businesses who are recovering.

Wendy Klein

Is it true that life preservers are now required in the pools?

Riverbend Hot Springs

No ma’am. There was a April Fools Day post joke where we put right in the post that it was a joke. We apologize if you missed it. Come on down!

Thank you for the practice of quite, you are providing what Ojo Caliente no longer does, you’ve got my business exclusively now

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